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Dragonfly Weathervane

Dragonfly Weather Vane


The Dragonfly Weather Vane, Odonata Anisoptera, in this image consists of an all copper dragonfly and arrow with brass reeds and optional gold leafed marsh flowers. A popular option is to add gold leaf to the spots on the dragonfly’s wings. This weathervane can also be made entirely in copper. Our vanes are each crafted to order and the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed.

This is one of our designs that looks it’s absolute best when viewed from either above or below, rather than at eye level. You will notice that we’ve intentionally employed open space in this weathervane design to create the delicate looking tracery in the Dragonfly’s wings. It actually takes a high level of skill to create these wings. If too much heat is applied while soldering the individual segments in the wings together, they melt and fall apart. However, once combined and surrounded by the copper tubing used to define their perimeter, they become quite strong.

When first mounted outside copper will weather a deep chocolate brown and any optional gold leaf on the spots in the wings and on the flowers creates a beautiful contrast. Eventually, the copper starts to pick up the green patina for which antique copper is known. Many dragonflies are a beautiful turquoise blue color which this weathered copper can closely mimic given some time. Even antique copper weather vanes one hundred years old or older can show evidence of the original gold leaf. Once the copper or brass has weathered green, the contrast with the gold leaf is especially lovely..

In addition to our standard glass jewels, we offer special faceted translucent glass jewels for the dragonfly’s eyes. These facets jewels are available in several colors and each customer chooses the style and color they like best. See the blue faceted glass jewel at the bottom of the glass eye color chart for an example.

Here is an excerpt from the lovely letter one of our customers in New Jersey sent along with her photos. “I’ve enclosed a few pictures of our beautiful dragonfly in situ on the gazebo. Hope you enjoy them. It is just beautiful, a perfect choice. Thanks to all for your efforts on our behalf.”

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