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Witch’s Hat Weathervane with Broom Design

Witch's Hat Weather Vane


Our Witch’s Hat Weathervane with Broom is a visually effective and stylized statement that works well when seen from afar, and with busy backgrounds. It is also a very affordable option for making a witchy statement with your weathervane. When you order this sculpture piece there are many possible selections that will affect the final visual effect of your weather vane.

As seen in this design there are various metals. The broom stick is copper, the broom straws are brass and the witches cap is nickel-silver. All of these metals will weather and patina over time. If you want the broom straws to remain a golden color, and the cap to remain a brighter silver for many decades, it would be best to include optional gold and palladium leaf to your order, at modest expense.

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