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A Quick CZU Fire Update

Greetings from West Coast Weather Vanes.

California is experiencing unprecedented wildfires right now and we have been affected by one of them. We were ordered to evacuate our home and production studio on Wednesday, August 19th. The good news is that, as of today, everything is still standing, although there have been tragic losses in our immediate vicinity. The worst appears to be over unless nature decides to come back with another pass of fury.

We do have excellent business continuity insurance and intend to keep operating in any case. However, for the next week or so, we are only partially operational and reorganizing based on current conditions.

If there could possibly be good news from the Covid 19 Pandemic, it is that our master artisans all set up work areas in diverse locations, to maintain safe and healthy distancing. Most do not live in evacuated areas and production continues.

Because the phone lines are down in our region email is the best means of contacting us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sincerely, LizAnne Jensen, Owner/Artist


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