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Atmospheric and Astronomical ‘Wind Catchers’

Our arrow tips and fletchings, and many of our Wind Catchers, come in either Silhouette, from a single sheet of copper, or Swell Swell Bodied, which is double sided from two pieces of copper, first sculpted, then soldered together in place. You will note some examples on this page that are a combination of single sheet Silhouette and double-sided Swell Bodied.

SAMPLE ARROW TIPS AND FLETCHINGSAtmospheric and Astronomical ‘Wind Catchers’
#100: Double sided, Swell Bodied, sun face with single sheet Silhouette rays direction indicator.Click on Flamingo Weathervane with Sunset image to enlarge
#101: Double sided, Swell Bodied star tip with full single sheet Silhouette comet tail fletchingClick on Moon Weathervane with Comet image to enlarge
#102: Double sided, Swell Bodied, clouds direction indicator with single sheet Silhouette Sun.Click on Sun Weathervane with Clouds image to enlarge