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Basic Drilled Installation Method for Small Weathervanes

Cross-Section view of Roof
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The small sized vanes come with two copper globes, 8″ (20cm) brass directionals, chrome pivot balls and either an ~8″ (20cm) or 12”-14” (30-35.5cm) tall brass spire (depending on how you plan to install your small sized weathervane).

An optional 5¼” (~13cm) diameter brass base is also available if the weathervane is not going on a roof. This base is designed and weighted to sit on a flat surface such as a table, bookshelf, deck railing, fence post etc. If you plan to use it outside, we can drill two holes in the base so you can simply screw it into the flat surface.

If you plan to use it on a peaked structure such as a potting shed, gazebo, arched trellis, etc. we can provide you with a longer brass spire (vertical installation rod) up to 14″ (35.5cm) tall, if that is more applicable to your situation.

How to mount a small vane on a peaked surface:

Weather vanes are traditionally located at the peak of the roof in a prominent location. Most roofs have a ridgepole as a structural support into which the spire can be mounted.

Tools and supplies recommended for installing your Small Sized weather vane:

  • Drill with a long shanked bit the same diameter as the vane’s spire (vertical installation rod)
  • Small level
  • Small sized Phillips screwdriver
  • Heavy grease (a small tub is included)
  • Roof Caulk
  • Compass

Basic Drilled Installation Instructions for Small Sized weathervane:

1. Holding the level next to the drill, drill a vertical hole 3” to 4” (7.5 to 10 cm) into the ridgepole. (If drilling through tile to reach the ridgepole, use a masonry bit that is one size larger than the rod diameter to go through the tile. Then switch to the rod sized bit to go into wood.)

2. Insert brass spire (vertical installation rod) with drilled out end facing up. Make sure it reaches the bottom of the hole. Then, using the level, check to make sure it is vertical. If it is not, use a nail, wooden shim, etc. to position it correctly. The spire must be vertical in order for your new weather vane to spin freely.

3. Caulk around positioned spire (vertical installation rod) to seal the hole.

4. Assemble ring, globe and directionals on spire. See the drawing below for suggested proportions. Use your compass to orient the brass directional letter N to true north. (Depending on how accurate you want your Directionals to be, please see our Magnetic Declination webpage for details on how to precisely orient the directional letters.

Cross-Section view of Roof
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5. Put a dab of grease into the drilled out section of the brass spire (vertical installation rod).

6. Drop ONE steel ball into the mounting tube. Then slide the vane in and make sure it turns freely. If necessary, you can add a second steel ball.