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Human Endeavors ‘Wind Catchers’

These are all fun. They represent commissions where in the design phase we all realized the Wind Catcher could relate distinctly to the sculpture piece. We love working with our customers to make the creative discoveries and decisions. Enjoy.

SAMPLE ARROW TIPS AND FLETCHINGS Human Endeavors ‘Wind Catchers’
#110: Single sheet table cloth wind indicatorClick on Coffee Pot Weathervane with Cups image to enlarge
#111: Double side List of Champions direction indicatorClick on Standing Beagle Weathervane image to enlarge
#112: Double sided shotgun wind indicatorClick on Weimaraner Weathervane image to enlarge
#113: Tube and Flat sheet ladder wind indicator
Click on Apple Weathervane with Ladder image to enlarge
#114: Double sided brush handle tip, double sided bristle fletchingClick on Artist’s Palette Weathervane image to enlarge
#115: Double sided pencil tip and eraser fletchingClick on World Globe Weathervane with Pencil image to enlarge
#116: Copper tubing Handle tip and Double sided gavel fletchingClick on Scales of Justice Weathervane image to enlarge
#117: Double sided tooth brush tip and fletchingClick on Tooth Weathervane with Toothbrush image to enlarge
#118: Double sided broom bristles and/or cat
wind indicators
Click on Witch Weathervane with Cat image to enlarge