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Naughty or Nice

Winter is a time of cold, short days and warm, cozy nights filled with sparkling lights, festive gatherings, religious celebrations and gift giving.

As we approach the holidays, if you are looking for a unique gift that will charm and delight, consider a personalized weather vane. As soon as you’ve placed your order, we will prepare and send you (or the recipient) a lovely gift wrapped book on weathervanes and a personalized gift packet, based on the design you’ve selected or personalized, to be unwrapped at the appropriate time. Their hand crafted, made-to-order weathervane will then follow, sent out to them as soon as it is completed.

You are welcome to specify all the details about the recipient’s weathervane or, after opening their gift packet on the special day, your recipient can participate in the final selection or customization of their special weather vane. It is an exciting and interesting gift and most enjoy some participation, if only to choose eye color or ‘lucky pennies’.

Double your gift giving pleasure by presenting the custom booklet and book on the special occasion and then again with the arrival and unveiling of the new weathervane itself once it has been completed.


For more information, please click here: Gift Weathervanes

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