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Flying Weathervanes

The romance of the sky makes a a flight themed weathervane the ideal candidate for a rooftop setting. Whether we look up and see a kite, balloon or aircraft silhouetted against a brilliant blue backdrop, or we take to the skies ourselves soaring from one destination to another, we have a fascination with flight. Even after dark, a spot lit spaceship weathervane is a surprisingly popular choice. So whether you are celebrating an important time in your life, a particular aircraft you fly or wish to draw attention to your commercial venture, please give us a call. If we have not yet made the aircraft you love, we are always up for a new challenge. We are in the process of adding all 800 existing weathervane designs to our site. Rest assured that if you don’t see an old favorite here yet, we still have it! Just give us a call 831.425.5505 for details.