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ThanksGiving Giving Thanks

Here at West Coast Weathervanes the harvest is still coming in: Apples, persimmons and pomegranates aplenty. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And we give thanks for the many ways the pilgrims arriving on the North American continent were received, protected, and sustained by the tribal nations established here for centuries. We would not have survived that first winter without the bounty of the land, the schooling of its residents, and the sharing of the winter’s food stores. Lucky us.

We hope you have the best possible time sharing friendship and breaking bread with those dear to you.

Turkey Weathervane Wild Turkey


Please enjoy our Thanksgiving Gallery

Mohican WeathervaneOak Leaf with Acorns WeathervaneTurkey Weathervane
Flushing Pheasant WeathervaneAutumn Cupid WeathervaneCorn Cob Weathervane

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