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Watering Can Weathervane with Nasturtiums

In January 2013 we received a phone call from a couple who had seen an article about West Coast Weather Vanes in the San Francisco Chronicle. It had been several years since the article had been published, but they cut it out and saved it.

They were headed to Carmel to celebrate their anniversary and wanted to stop by our studio for a tour. They ended up ordering two weathervanes from us. One was a silhouette style MG Weathervane and the other was a small Watering Can Weathervane with Nasturtiums. They also requested we add emphasis to the flowers by applying optional gold leaf to the petals.

We currently offer Watering Can Weathervanes with a choice of Tulips, Zinnias, Topiaries and Poppies. But, because they love nasturtiums, we modified the design to include their favorite flowers.

Just the other day, they sent us a photo of their Watering Can Weathervane out in their garden. With their permission, I wanted to share it here.

Watering Can Weather Vane with Nasturtiums Watering-Can-Weather-Vane-with-Nasturtiums-022513-1W Watering-Can-Weather-Vane-with-Nasturtiums-022513-2W Watering-Can-Weather-Vane-with-Nasturtiums-022513-3W

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