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Carolina Wren Weathervane

Bird Weather Vane - Carolina Wren


This Carolina Wren Weathervane (Thryothorus ludovicianus) was commissioned to be mounted atop a new boathouse at the family home, which is named Wren Cottage. So now they have this adorable local bird watching over the water and they can see it from their house! What a great choice of location.

The sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, as is the lovely branch on which the wren is perched. Optional gold and palladium leaf gilding was ordered, increasing the visual details of the bird. As this vane weathers the copper will darken and these bright details will become even more apparent. The brown glass eyes are very distinctive and indicative of the world’s wrens.

A personal inscription was hammered into the branch, and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from the years of important family dates were sealed into the bird along with the traditional penny from the year the weathervane was constructed.

Birds are a very popular subject for weathervanes. We have many birds in our catalog. Do peruse if this is a direction you are thinking of for your weather vane. Because we make every weathervane to order, you can personalize these designs to further create the weather vane you have been imagining.