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Deer Weathervane – Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer Weather Vane


Our Fallow Deer Weathervane, Dama dama, is popular with many. It captures the stature of these distinct animals. Native to Eurasia, centuries ago they were populated as game animals through much of the temperate world. They can weigh up to 330# and stand over three foot at shoulder height.

The original commission for this piece was a ranch in Texas. One of the pictures above shows their weathervane mounted on the barn. Their familiarity with these animals was of great assistance in developing this design. We enjoy collaborating with our customers to create their vision for the sculptures our amazing team creates. As pictured here, the deer and hills are fabricated of copper, the grasses are brass, and the horns have been accented with optional gold leaf. The glass eyes were selected in a dark color.

If you have a variation on this design, another design, or an original design you’d like to see, we would enjoy discussing it with you.