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Donkey Weathervane – Trotting

Trotting Donkey Weather Vane


Our Donkey Weathervane, Trotting, Equus asinus, is one of our very early designs. We love how cute and frisky this little guy is. Fabricated of copper in simple swell-bodied style, with glass eyes, this piece shows how effective a simple. straight forward design can be. 

This design is easily personalized to create a portrait of your pet donkey, or by adding a halter, harness, or mouthful of shrubbery. The bar below the donkeys feet can be inscribed and capped with Lucky Pennies.

We also have made a Standing Donkey Weathervane portrait for some customers who were looking for a more mature look to their vane. Our customers for this weathervane selected optional gold leafing for the pale details of their donkey’s markings.