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Heart Weathervane – Double

Double Heart Weather Vane


Our Double Heart Weather Vane is a popular way to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. There is a good luck tradition that originated in the Victorian Era of sealing a “lucky”  penny inside a handmade copper weather vane. The penny is traditionally one from the year the weathervane was made. If you are ever lucky enough to find an old copper weather vane and you shake it, you might hear the rattle of a penny inside that was put there over one hundred years ago as part of this good luck tradition.

Because we make each weather vane to individual order, we have adopted the tradition with a personal variation of our own. In addition to putting in a penny from the year it was made, we have collected copper pennies for almost every year dating back to 1900. If this Double Heart Weather Vane is being made to celebrate an anniversary, we can include a penny from the year the couple came together as well as a current year penny. Often times we put the penny from the year of the marriage in the smaller heart and the penny celebrating this year’s anniversary in the larger heart symbolizing their love’s growth as the years pass.

When we made this heart weather vane for a wedding gift, we put a penny from the year one person was born in one of the hearts and a penny from the year the other person was born inside the other heart. The price of the weather vane also includes an inscription of up to 20 letters on the small size and up to 30 letters on the medium, large and extra-large sizes, making it possible to stamp a special phrase or the couple’s name to give the present additional meaning.

As shown here, the weather vane can be crafted entirely of copper, however, other popular choices (also shown here) are a combination of copper and brass, or with optional gold or palladium leaf. Some of our customers prefer to keep this weather vane as an indoor sculpture piece while others will install it outside. A small version of the Double Heart weather Vane looks terrific on a bookshelf, a tabletop or a deck railing. It is also lovely in a garden setting, on top of a gazebo or fence, or of course, there is always the traditional top roof top.

Another customization requested is having both hearts the same size. Also possible is optioning for a nickle-silver arrow tip and fletching. Call for pricing on these changes.

In European traditional art and folklore, the heart symbol is drawn in a stylized shape. This shape is typically colored red, suggesting passion and strong emotion. The hearts have constituted, since the 15th century, one of the red suits in most playing card decks. The shape is particularly associated with romantic love; it is often seen on St. Valentine’s Day cards, candy boxes, and similar popular culture artifacts as a symbol of this romantic bond.