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Feather Weathervane – Duck Curved

Curved Duck Feather Weather Vane


We love this Curved Duck Feather Weathervane because of its grace and effectiveness. It is fabricated in copper in swell-bodied style. The tip of the feather has been gilded with optional gold leaf, adding bright, eyecatching interest as the vane turns and points into the wind. As the copper weathers to a deep rich brown, the contrast will become stronger.

This vane was commissioned and designed to be mounted on the farmhouse next to an abandoned Chardonnay grape vineyard. The family has since restored a bit of the vineyard and is converting the rest to be a real farm, complete with fruit trees, gardens, poultry, and yes, ducks. They had us inscribe the verticle mounting tube with the name of their farm and the date it originated. What a great way to create a family heirloom!

If you look closely at the pictures above you will see that our customer requested a security device be installed. It is the U-shape piece below the upper copper globe. This option can be selected when the weathervane is being mounted in a high wind location. On our airplane and birds with wings outspread weather vanes the security device is included in the price because the design is so conducive to the sculpture pieces ‘taking wing’ as it were.