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Feather Weathervane – Straight

Straight Feather Weather Vane


This Straight Feather Weather Vane is one of several feather vanes in our catalog. It is one of our earliest weathervane designs. If you glance through our website, you will see that our style has evolved quite a bit since then. However, this design captures the simple spirit for which folk art is known and appreciated; and represents a primitive style very popular with collectors.

This feather presents a readily identifiable profile against the skyline. Each of our feather designs stands alone beautifully and also pairs well with other designs.

One of our Straight Feather Weathervane was ordered for a Sunset Magazine Idea House. Another graces the top of a schoolhouse. Optional gilding in gold or palladium can be added to the entire feather or it could be in the pattern of a particular bird’s markings. This gilding would create a bright spot to catch the eye for many years as the copper weathers, darkens, and eventually patinas.