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French Rooster Weathervane

Stylized French Rooster Weather Vane


Our French Rooster Weathervane was originally designed for a couple who had seen a similar weather vane on a roof top in France and simply fell in love with it. Vacations are like that, aren’t they. Getting out of our everyday environment and routines we see new things and see them with fresh eyes.

The weather vane pictured was to be mounted on a large barn so the customer ordered it in an extra large. When choosing a size of weather vane there are several considerations, most especially viewing distance and background ‘busy-ness’.

The rooster is fabricated in copper in Swell Bodied Style, with the tail being single sheet, silhouette. The eyes are glass, the color topaz. There is a personal inscription imprinted on the copper tube. Details like inscriptions and eye color are selected at the time of your order.

If you look closely you will spot the ‘ears’ of a security device mounted between the sculpture and the upper copper globe. This customer lives in a windy location so chose this precautionary option.

Many of our weather vanes have been designed to capture a memory, an emotion, a family member, a beloved animal. All are such excellent sources of inspiration.