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Gargoyle Weathervane

Fierce Gargoyle Weather Vane

Fierce and Friendly are the same price

The Gargoyle Weather Vane is another favorite here at West Coast Weather Vanes. It is particularly endearing in the small (one-foot sculpture size) although the large and extra-large sizes (three-foot or four-foot sculpture piece) tend to look quite spectacular perched atop a turret or cupola. We’ve even had customers train spotlights onto their gargoyle weather vane to be viewed when driving up to the house at night. They do tend to be quite a conversation starter!


Friendly Gargoyle

We also make a variation of this ‘fierce’ Gargoyle Weather Vane design using a ‘friendly’ face, giving it kinder features.  The price is the same, just let us know which you are interested in at the time of your order. A creative customer paired this Gargoyle Weather Vane with one of our Dragon Weathervanes on her roof, so the two creatures interact with each other as they turn in the wind.

One of our most challenging Gargoyle Weather Vanes projects was one we made for an episode of the X-Files television show. Fellow UC Santa Cruz alum, Paul Rabwin, wanted to include one of our Gargoyle vanes in an episode he was producing. The challenge for us was the shooting schedule; he needed it in three days!

Because our skilled artisans make each weather vane to individual order, and the usual time for crafting a mythological weathervane is several weeks, this required an unprecedented turnaround time. We managed to do it by having three of the weathervane makers work on it simultaneously. We normally assign a particular weathervane to an individual craftsman, who sculpts the piece from start to finish and then signs his or her own work. In the case of the X Files’ Gargoyle Weathervane, the three weathervane makers all ended up signing the piece — a very rare occurrence.

In the X-Files episode, the opening shot focused on the Gargoyle, which sat on top of a small cupola. Lightning flashed in the background and its translucent red glass eyes glowed red in the ensuing burst of light.

When customers order weathervanes from us, they choose the color of the glass eyes their creation receives. If you look closely at the image of the Gargoyle Weather Vane featured on this page, you can see we made him with translucent emerald eyes. Both friendly and fierce are crafted from copper with brass in the wings and optional gold leaf on the toe claws, wing tips, and tail end. This Gargoyle Weather Vane is one of many custom mythological figures offered by West Coast Weather Vanes. It is part of our larger series of mythological weathervane designs that also feature Dragons, Mermaids and over 50 other mythological themes.

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