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Lucy and the Lamp-post Weathervane

Lucy and the Lamp Post Weather Vane


Our Lucy and the Lamppost Weathervane is indeed iconic. Truly a lovely statement to hope and nature. Because of its complexity and having multiple figures, it was not possible to make it in any size smaller than large and have it be visually effective.

The copper sculpture piece is fabricated in high detail swell-bodied style. Optional gold leaf was requested for the lantern flame, Lucy’s sweater and both Lucy’s and Mr Tumnus’ skin. Palladium leaf was chosen for the lantern cap, the snow on the ground, and on the umbrella. Mr Tumnus’ scarf is enameled in red. Both Lucy and Mr Tumnus have blue glass eyes.

There is a significant quote inscribed on the fletching of the arrow.

This is the second weather vane these customers have ordered, which entitled them to our 10% discount for return customers. Their first vane was The NeverEnding Story. Another iconic piece.