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Paddleboarder Weathervane

Paddle Boarder Weather Vane - Portrait


Our Paddleboarder Weathervane is quite popular with our customers. Pictured here is a portrait vane of one of the family’s daughters commissioned by the wife and kids as a surprise birthday present for the father. It was a hugely successful surprise.

To create this portrait the family sent us photos of the girl on her board and we worked with them and our artisans to choose a photo that would best suit the structural requirements of the weathervane. From there we could adjust the body and oar placement to assure stability with a natural look.

This is a swell-bodied sculpture piece in mirror image, meaning if you look carefully the girl is the same from both sides. Our fine artisan Rolando beautifully executed this piece in copper, with the belt in brass. The family requested optional gold leaf be applied to the face, hands, and feet. They also chose topaz glass eyes. They had their family’s name and the year inscribed on the side of the paddleboard, and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from significant dates sealed inside along with the traditional penny from the year of the weather vane’s construction.

There is also a Security Device attached between the upper two globes. This family lives near a breezy beach and requested this addition for peace of mind.

And voilĂ , you have a wonderful heirloom to enjoy every day.