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Pump Weathervane

Hand Pump Weather Vane


This Pump Weathervane was commissioned to mount on the cupola of a golf course well house that was being rebuilt after its total destruction in Hurricane Sandy, 2012. It is a custom size to scale properly to the building while keeping it as weather safe as possible in a very high wind area. You can see in the close up photo a security device was also added for increased protection.

While this Hand Pump Weather Vane is fabricated completely in copper, it would also be a candidate for a variety of metals and optional gilding to highlight parts of the design. It is constructed in simple swell-bodied style, with an interesting, somewhat weighted arrow head and simple fletching to assure the proper amount of spin.

At West Coast Weather Vanes we work directly with every customer to design their weathervane to be both aesthetically and functionally right for each particular mounting environment.