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Sailboat Weathervane – Transpac #52

Transpac #52 Sailboat Weather Vane


This customized Transpac #52 Sailboat Weathervane was ordered as a gift for an avid Transpac Racer. In fact, his 25-year racing background allowed him to be inducted in two ‘Old Goat’ associations, which, in case you aren’t quite sure, is very prestigious. Hence the goat logos gilded in gold leaf on the sails. This sculpture piece is a replica of his amazing boat, the Imedi.

Fabricated out of copper in 3D style, this weather vane, as it ages, will have bright highlights due to the addition of gold leafing on the boat’s hull and sails.  Boat names, in gold or palladium leaf, are included in our pricing. Any additional gilding is an option.

Boating is a very popular theme for our weather vanes. Please look at our boating section to see others in our catalog. You may well find inspiration there, and possibly an existing design that we could personalize to create something special for you.