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Sun and Surf Weathervane

Surf and Sun Weather Vane


This all copper and heavily gilded Sun and Surf Weathervane was first ordered for mounting on a new home in the hurricane corridor of the Gulf of Mexico. This family requested extensive optional gold leafing to create a very eye-catching presence as their weather vane sits atop their multi-storied home.

Built in swell-bodied style and designed as a mirror image piece, this vane looks great from all angles. The glass eyes light up in the sun.

You will note there is an additional security device below the horizontal bar, because of the location the vane was to be mounted. Our artisans also did extra soldering on all of the sun’s rays and particularly where they attach to the waves, to further insure against wind damage.

This customer also requested ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates in their lives to both cap the ends of the tube the waves are mounted on and sealed inside the sun face. They also have a personal inscription on the horizontal bar.

Things like ‘Lucky Pennies’, inscriptions, and eye color are all selections you would make at the time of your order. Also, at that time, is when it would be determined if you want an exact item from our catalog, a personalized version, or a custom design.

A customer sent us a lovely note which we have permission to post here:

“One thing I would share as a person who had never had a weather vane is that it was hard to get a sense of the size and what it would look like. Your guidance was essential for us, and it is exactly right. When the box arrived, it looked enormous! But once on the house, it was perfect! 

We are already getting so many compliments. My husband was sitting on the pier today, and he said three people going by in boats yelled out that they love our weather vane! “

Our contact form is an easy way to venture into beginning this creative process.

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