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Train Weathervane – 3D

Locomotive Weather Vane Train with Tender Car


This Steam Locomotive Train with Tender Car Weather Vane was originally commissioned by the staff of Illinois Central Railways as a retirement gift for their much appreciated outgoing CEO. They were able to provide us with the schematics for this train, which were very helpful in the fabrication process. The lantern in the front has a glass jewel inside it, the wheels have nickel-silver accents, and the brass plaque on the tender car proudly identifies the company name.

This Train Weathervane is a fully 3-D construction. Most of the weathervanes we make here at West Coast Weather Vanes are swell-bodied, meaning that while they also have dimension, their two separate sides are intentionally kept narrow so they are aerodynamic in the wind. Three-dimensional weathervanes are spectacular but they require greater internal structural support to adjust for their width, and they are more wind resistant than their sleeker swell-bodied counterparts, requiring technical design adjustments. They also take considerably longer to fabricate.

We are often able to reduce the design fee for our more mechanical weathervane commissions if detailed schematic drawings are available. Also helpful for personalization are detailed photos of the actual locomotive we will be making including the undercarriage. This is an important view when looking up at a weathervane. If actual scaled down models are available, we often find them helpful guides during the construction process.

With our fully 3-D weathervanes, we usually offer our customers the option of Basic, Standard or Deluxe versions. With Basic 3-D designs, details are kept to a minimum. With Standard 3-D, more details are added to the exterior but the interior is left very basic. With Deluxe 3-D weathervanes, we also add full details to the interior, even though the interior is typically not visible when displayed on top of a roof.

This Locomotive Weathervane with Tender Car was made as a Deluxe 3-D sculpture piece. The reasons customer often opt for Deluxe designs is because they know that while the weathervane may spend 40 or 50 years displayed on the roof of a building, there is a good chance that some future generation may bring it down off the roof and display it indoors as an example of American Folk Art. If viewed in a museum, for example, all the finer details will be much valued.