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Yoga and Comet Weathervane – Exclusive Design

Warrior Pose Yoga on Comet Weather Vane

Exclusive Design----Not Available

This Yoga and Comet Weathervane was commissioned with intention. Our customer was building a lovely new yoga studio and wanted a weathervane based on her logo. She supplied us with pictures and we translated the logo into a weathervane for her.

For centuries, people have used weathervanes to indicate their professions. Judges might use the Scales of Justice as their weathervane, cattle ranchers would have a bull weathervane, shipbuilders would have a ship weathervane. How appropriate, then, to have this little yoga figure denote a yoga instructor’s profession.

The inscription on the stabilizing central copper tube of the comet says, Peace Love and Yoga: to make the world a little bit better. Hard to argue with such lovely sentiments!

This sculpture piece has been fabricated in copper in two techniques. The yoga figure and the star have been crafted in swell-bodied style, while the comet’s tail is a silhouette, meaning a single sheet of metal was used to create the element. The yoga practitioner, the star, and the inner ‘flames’ of the comet’s tail have had optional gold leafing applied, creating a bright and active image to the viewer. As the copper weathers and darkens, the contrast will become increasingly dramatic.

It really is lovely to see how much one can convey with a simple concept. Let us know if you’ve been thinking of some image you might want to see as a weathervane.