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About Us

Buying a custom handcrafted weathervane is a big decision. Such a weathervane, if well made, can become a valued family heirloom that is handed down in a family from generation to generation. That’s why we want to tell you a little about us and why you might want to consider us for your special project.

We see our role in the weathervane making continuum as creating sculpture pieces with special meaning to each customer. Most people will only buy one weathervane in their lifetime, if they buy one at all, and our goal is to make them something they will want to keep and hand down from generation to generation as a special family heirloom. Rather than striving for a mass production market, we seek to create weathervanes that are personal and have meaning for the individual.

From the time you pick up the phone or send us an email to the day you open the box containing your new weathervane and install it in its new home, we want your experience to be a positive one.

We take great care to do things right; all of us here are proud of the work we do and want you to be proud of your weathervane too. As you tour our website and learn more about our weathervanes and us, we hope our passion shines through.

Our Location

Our studio is located in a rural area of Central California called Bonny Doon, nestled into the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. We are surrounded by Redwoods, Douglas Fir trees, and majestic California Live Oak. Deer, bobcat, foxes, and raccoons frequent the property. Hawks, ravens, acorn woodpeckers and stellar jays flit overhead from tree to tree.

Situated about six miles (10 km) from the Pacific Ocean at an elevation of 1800 feet (550 m), we are about 75 miles (121 km) south of San Francisco and 60 miles (~95 km) north of Carmel. Just down the hill from us is the world famous Monterey Bay, with its amazing deep sea canyon, alive with Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Orcas, Elephant Seals, Otters, Pelicans, seabirds, salmon, crabs and other fish.

We average about 50 inches (127cm) of rainfall per year. Our climate is Mediterranean (latitudinally, we are south of Lisbon, Portugal), meaning we rarely get snow and most of our rainy weather comes between November and May, with warm sunny weather in the remaining months. Winds are typically from the northwest, but when a big Pacific storm crashes into the coastal mountains the winds typically shift and come at us from southeast.

Directions To Our Studio

From Highway 17:

  1. Take the Mt. Hermon Road exit in Scotts Valley. Proceed west 3.7 miles.
  2. Turn right onto Graham Hill Road when Mt. Hermon Road dead ends.
  3. Go through the stoplight in Felton (0.2 miles) and up Felton Empire Grade (3.8 miles).
  4. At the top of the mountain turn right onto Empire Grade. Go 1.9 miles.
  5. Turn left onto Pine Flat Road.  Go 1.8 miles.
  6. Turn left onto Westdale Drive and go 0.4 miles.
  7. Turn left up the reddish concrete driveway at 377 Westdale Drive. (The number is clearly marked; the house and workshop are not visible from the road).

From Highway 1:

  1. Turn left onto Bonny Doon Road.  (It is 1 mile south of Davenport and 8.3 miles north of Santa Cruz.
  2. Go 5.8 miles up from the coast.  (At the Beauregard Winery, the main road on which you are traveling becomes Pine Flat Road.  Just keep going straight.  Bonny Doon Road actually veers off to your left at this point.)
  3. Turn right onto Westdale Drive and go 0.4 miles.
  4. Turn left up the reddish concrete driveway at 377 Westdale Drive. (The number is clearly marked and the house and workshop are not visible from the road.)

The People of West Coast Weather Vanes

Thomas, Weathervane Maker

Thomas-Working-on-Camero-Weathervane-PThomas has been a full-time weathervane maker since 1994. He excels at developing new techniques for the fabrication of complicated pieces and particularly enjoys technically challenging mechanical designs such as cars, boats, and airplanes. He is interested in all aspects of metal craft and, in his personal life, is currently exploring the techniques of mokume gane jewelry and Damascus steel. Shown here working on a large Sun, Surf and Sailboat Weathervane.

Rolando, Weathervane Maker

Rolondo-Vane-Maker-Saddle-Bronc-Weathervane-PRolando has been a full-time weathervane maker since 2007. He follows in the footsteps of his older brother, Victor, as an excellent craftsman. He enjoys the diversity of designs on which he gets to work as well as the creativity required to figure out solutions that constantly arise with new commissions. While he likes making bird weathervanes most of all, his awareness of form and contours shines through on all of his human and animal weathervanes. Shown here working on a medium silhouette Saddle Bronc Weathervane.

Ben, Weathervane Maker

Ben-with-Crowing-Rooster-Weathervane-081315-W1Ben has worked with West Coast Weather Vanes for 15 years. He is a master of all styles of weathervanes but his favorite designs include fish, birds, horses and humans. He is also particularly fond of dragons. One of his most memorable weathervanes was inspired by Ganesha, the lovable Hindu elephant god. Ben is always experimenting with new techniques and has generously shared his expertise with his fellow weathervane makers. In his free time he enjoys golfing, mountain biking and spending time with his daughter.

Victor, Weathervane Maker

Victor has been a weathervane maker since 1996. He likes making weathervanes. In fact, he says if he was not working here, he would still make them for the sheer pleasure of the process. He also enjoys the constant evolution of weathervane making techniques and mastering new skills. Victor likes mythological designs and is especially adept at faces, both human and animal, for which he shows great sensitivity. In addition to his skill as a weathervane maker, he also does our gold and palladium leafing, and carefully packages all our weathervanes for safe delivery to their new homes.

Jeff, Weathervane Maker

Jeff has worked at West Coast Weather Vanes over the course of 25 years. What he likes best about working here is the wide variety of subjects that come across his work bench, most especially designs from nature and crafting birds and animals. He is also a dog lover and likes the variety of the many different types of dog designs he gets a chance to fabricate. Jeff has spent time in Japan and is also an accomplished acupuncturist.


Alex, Weathervane Maker

Alex is our newest weathervane artist but comes to us with 13 years of experience in this specialized field. In addition to superb technique, he brings passion and enthusiasm to his work. He particularly enjoys animals and mythological subjects but is very versatile and likes tackling any new project. He enjoys the problem-solving aspects of creating new weathevanes and is a valued new member of our team!


Ken, Co-owner and Weathervane Maker

Ken-Jensen-Shaping-Weathervane-Boat-Hull-PAs co-founder of West Coast Weather Vanes with his wife, LizAnne, Ken has been crafting weathervanes since 1988 and pioneered our original approach to weathervane making. With his long perspective on process, he is proud of the evolution of our technical skill over the past two decades. Big, bold designs are Ken’s favorites although he willingly takes on any project that comes his way. He prefers to have a symphony blaring in the background while working so, in deference to his co-workers, he’s often works alone in the studio evenings and on weekends. Shown here using the English Wheel.

LizAnne, Co-Owner, Designer, New Orders and Commissions Coordinator


As co-founder of West Coast Weather Vanes, LizAnne is likely the first person you will talk to when making an inquiry. She oversees the day to day operations, outreach and long-term planning. She will help walk you through the order process and is responsible for all stages of commissioning or personalizing a weathervane design. If you have an idea for a new weathervane, talk to LizAnne! Shown here in the garden with a medium Great Horned Owl Weathervane and a Small Rabbit Holding Carrots Weathervane

Catherine, Website Editor

Catherine-Banghart-Website-Editor-PCatherine brings clarity to what you read on our website. As a retired business owner and educator, she is a big picture thinker and helps us broaden our perspective to make the insular little world of weathervanes understandable to those approaching this topic for the first time.

Dan—Office Manager

Dan has bravely stepped into the void that our amazing Suzanne left empty when she retired after 11 years. The complexity of the Office Manager position has increased exponentially in the last decade, and we are grateful to have found someone as capable  as Dan. He comes to us from the world of Office Administration in varied capacities, and this broad background is really a boon for West Coast Weather Vanes.

Celise—Design, Precious Metal Application, and Shipping

Celise is another fine artist we’ve successfully snagged into our little family of artisans. She comes to us as an established metal sculptor. Her attention to detail in all that she does is just what we need. In addition to working on designs and preparing our photos, she helps walks orders through the production process. She also excels at the application of the gold and palladium leaf gilding that is requisite for lasting duration. She is also an expert at the detailed packaging that will protect the art piece being shipped to all continents (no simple task, that).


Our Story, West Coast Weather Vanes

Ken-and-LizAnne-in-Shop-Setting-PDuring the autumn of 1988, Ken and I went on our honeymoon to New England where we had gone to see the fall colors. While we were admiring the beautiful scenery, we spotted a roadside shop selling copper weather vanes. We had always admired weather vanes but had been unable to find one in California. They had a nice selection so we ordered one and arranged to have it shipped back home to us. We mentioned how much trouble we had finding an interesting weather vane and the artisan casually mentioned that there was no one in the western half of the country making handmade copper weather vanes. Ninety miles down the road, we had a brainstorm; why not create these fine examples of American Folk Art ourselves?

For a year and a half, we saved our money and researched everything we could find on weather vanes. We became more and more fascinated with the history and lore that surrounds them. Our first weather vane was a Humpback Whale. In addition to designs with universal appeal, we wanted to create weather vanes relevant to residents in the western half of the country, such as quail, elk, sea otters, etc. We experimented with non-traditional subject matter and materials such as brass, German silver and glass. We also experimented with multiple sized vanes and unusual locations in which to situate a weather vane, such as a deck railing, garden or even in a pond!

Today our studio is located in the forested mountains of Central California and we are one of only a handful of artists anywhere in the world producing handcrafted copper weather vanes. Our specialty is creating custom designs and portrait vanes. We use the challenging “free form” and “repoussé” techniques to create essentially one of a kind sculpture pieces.

No molds are used making each vane slightly different from any other. Because of the care we take to make each weathervane a work of art and the caliber of skill of our craftsmen , they will very probably become collector’s items that should increase in value as they age and acquire their lovely and distinctive greenish patina.

Ken-and-LizAnne-Jensen-Aug-09-PThe West Coast Weather Vanes portfolio currently includes over 600 different designs ranging from aquatic to animal, bird, human, mythological and transportation related designs. The diversity of work, new technical challenges and variety of customers, keeps our interest and enthusiasm high. We are currently celebrating 25 years of weather vane making and love what we do even more today than we did the day we started.