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Ordering a Weathervane – the Basics

West Coast Weather Vanes constructs all weathervanes to individual order. Because of this, our weathervanes can be personalized and the installation hardware tailored to your specific site. We recommend that you call us directly to place your order and we will walk you through the process. You can also fill out our detailed quote request form.

Our toll free number is (800) 762-8736 or call us direct at (831) 425-5505. International callers can reach us at 00+1+831+425+5505 (Pacific Standard Time). The best hours to reach us are between 8am and 6pm any day of the week.

Each weathervane goes onto our schedule in the order in which it is received. Lead-time can vary, depending most often on the time of year the order is placed. The earlier in the year, the more open our calendar.

If the weathervane is for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement etc), please let us know at the time you place your order. We will custom prepare a gift packet about your new weathervane to be given to the recipient on the special occasion. The weather vane itself will follow as soon as it is completed.

If you are currently under construction, we do have the installation hardware in stock that can be sent out to you immediately.

We require a deposit of 1/3 at the time the order is placed. This reserves your weathervane time in our schedule. The balance is due when your weather vane has been completed, and prior to shipping. Note: on weathervanes over $7,500.00, we require an “interim” payment. The first 1/3 due upon placing order, second 1/3 midway through vane production and the final 1/3 when vane has been completed.

A cancellation fee of 10%, based on the total cost for the weathervane and any options selected, will be applied to the order if it is canceled prior to production. This fee will be deducted from the initial deposit, and a refund for the balance will be sent to you. After production on your vane has begun, no refund will be available.

Our weathervane designs are available in several sizes. If you have questions about what size weathervane you need, please click here: Weathervane Sizing

After viewing all of our existing designs, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can either personalize an existing design or work with you to create a custom weathervane. For more information on the difference click here: Personalizing vs Commissioning a Weathervane.

For more information on the ways we can personalize your weathervane, please explore the links below:

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  2. Glass Eyes
  3. ‘Lucky Pennies’
  4. Weathervane Inscriptions
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  7. Delivery of your Weathervane
  8. Sample Arrow Tips, Fletchings, and Wind Catchers