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Air Transportation

Ok, we may have taken a little artistic license with this collection by including our Witch Weathervane on her broom, but only so we could illustrate the diverse possibilities available to you. We specialize in custom copper weathervanes so if you fly a particular type of airplane or helicopter, are a hot air balloon pilot, or are a deep space enthusiast, call us with your ideas. We even include gold leafed N numbers on the side of the aircraft if desired. Whether the weathervane is intended for the rooftop of a private residence or garage, an aircraft hangar or store front, we love a new challenge and look forward to discussing your ideas with you. We are in the process of adding all 800 existing weathervane designs to our site. Rest assured that if you don’t see an old favorite here yet, we still have it! Just give us a call 831.425.5505 for details.