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Airplane Weathervane – Socata TBM 930

Socata TBM 930 Airplane Weather Vane


This Socata TBM 930 Weathervane was ordered by a family living near the beach in Florida. It is a copper replica, in 3D, of their family plane. Master artisan, Rolando, did the fine work of creating this technically detailed piece. While all of our weather vanes with spread wings, be it a plane, a bird, or a kite, come with a security device, its necessity here was amplified by the beach setting at which it was ‘commissioned’ (that’s aviator speak for put into service). The security device is the two little ‘ears’ you can see between the upper globe and the plane in the picture of it installed on its cupola.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide the size of weathervane that best suits its location. This customer read our tutorial on how to determine the best size and made a correct change based on their discovery. Here’s what they had to say:

We built a small model of the medium size based on the dimensions you gave me. The thought on this end was that your larger size (approx 36 inches if I am reading your website description correctly) might work better. Based on the cupola dimensions, do you agree?

Optional Palladium gilding was chosen for the windows. Because of the possibility of blowing sands, we did this in a double layer to increase durability. Gilding of the N Number in palladium leaf is included in the price of our aircraft designs.

The family name and date of the weathervane’s completion is inscribed on the verticle tube. ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important years for the family are attached inside the tail section along with the traditional penny from the year the weather vane was completed. This is a beautiful piece and will make a fine family heirloom.