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Sizes and Display Options

Many of our weather vane sculpture pieces are available in up to four sizes. The size that will work best for you will depend on the design you select and where you intend to display it. Typically, the bigger the structure, the bigger the weathervane. Click the links below to learn more about your choices in sizing your weathervane.

  1. The Weathervane
  2. The Harness
  3. Size & Weathervane Designs
  4. Size & Visual Backgrounds
  5. Size & Viewing Distance
  6. Small Weathervanes (~ 1 foot sculpture piece)
  7. Medium Sized Weathervanes (~ 2 foot sculpture piece)
  8. Large Sized Weathervanes (~ 3 foot sculpture piece)
  9. Extra-Large Sized Weathervanes (~ 4 foot sculpture piece)
  10. Installation Rods and Pivot Balls
  11. Weathervane Directionals (Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large)
  12. Still Not Sure? Make a Template