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Winter Gilding Special

The Winter Solstice has passed and we are now in the depth of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. While the days are lengthening, we eagerly await spring. So we thought we’d offer you a bright gilding special to warm and brighten as our thoughts go to dreams of our first gardens of the 2020 decade; seeds yet to be planted and spring flowers yet to awaken and bud. Stay warm.

Gold or Palladium, on any Winter Themed Weathervane – $50.00 off on Smalls, $75.00 off on Mediums and Larges, and $100.00 on Extra Large.




If the weathervane is intended as a gift, we will send our special personalized Gift Package to you or the recipient (you choose) when you place your order. This includes the beautiful gift-wrapped book, The Art of the Weathervane, by Steve Miller and a presentation booklet showcasing the weathervane you’ve selected for the recipient. For more information, please give us a call at (800) 762-8736.

West Coast Weather Vanes Owner’s Booklet
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Dragonfly Wrapping Paper
(Shown with accompanying Owner’s Booklet)
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Pine Cone Wrapping Paper
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