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Food & Drink Weathervanes

Whether your tastes run to fine wines and fresh fruit, fish or fowl, wild game or domesticated, West Coast Weathervanes can capture your culinary passion in the form of a weathervane. Vineyards, restaurants, purveyors of produce, cattle ranchers or poultry operations have all showcased their professions with custom tailored weathervanes. Individual connoisseurs of vintage wines and other epicurean delights have satisfied their tastes from this collection as well. If you are interested in a particular fruit or vegetable, wine varietal or other succulent sensation, please let us know. We always welcome the opportunity to widen our palate. We are in the process of adding all 800 existing weathervane designs to our site. Rest assured that if you don’t see an old favorite here yet, we still have it! Just give us a call 831.425.5505 for details.