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Fish Weathervane – Hogfish

Hogfish Weather Vane

Custom Armillary Sphere Directionals

This Hogfish Weathervane was a fun project. The original commission was for a home being built in Florida. The owners are divers, and love this Western Atlantic fish that is only caught by spear fishing. Hogfish is said to be sweeter than grouper, and as rich as scallops. For this weather vane the customer requested optional gold leaf on the sharp teeth of the hogfish. We also brought in a special glass ‘fish eye’ that has a differently shaped pupil.

The vane is crafted from copper, in swell bodied style, with specialized hammerwork to detail the scales and textures of the fins. The gold of the teeth will be a bright contrast as the fish gathers patina in its seaside location.

The Armillary Sphere Directionals are a custom order and are priced separately here. The prices shown for this Hogfish Weather Vane include one from our selection of standard directionals.