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Astronomy & the Night Sky Weathervanes

Here are weathervanes based on creatures of the night such as bats and owls as well as vanes representing celestial bodies and characters out of some of our favorite stories. If you have a fondness for constellations, our offerings include physical embodiments of Sirius, the dog star, Taurus, Draco, Cygnus and Ursus Major to name just a few. Closer to home the sun, Saturn, comets and the moon have found a place in our astronomical weathervane collection. Some of our most enthusiastic customers have even mounted small solar lights to their celestial weathervane so they can enjoy them day or night. If you have a heavenly vision of your own that you would like brought to life, give us a call and we can discuss a custom order based on your ideas. We are in the process of adding all 800 existing weathervane designs to our site. Rest assured that if you don’t see an old favorite here yet, we still have it! Just give us a call 831.425.5505 for details.