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Yin and Yang-Sun and Moon Gate Sculpture Piece

Sun/Moon, Yin/Yang Gate Sculpture


Our Sun/Moon Yin/Yang sculpture piece is an excellent example of how our master artisans can create a lovely stationary statement for your home or business. As pictured this customer ordered a pair for their double gates, thereby receiving our standard 10% discount for subsequent orders on both pieces, because they were ordered at the same time.

This gate insert has been fabricated from copper and brass, in simple swell-bodied style, and framed with square brass tubing.

It is made in what we refer to as ‘mirror image’, meaning it is identical on both sides. The sun has been optionally gilded with gold leaf, and the moon with palladium leaf. These bits of gilding will enhance the visual brightness for many years, as the copper and brass weather.

We really like the way the copper moon side of the yin yang expresses itself against the open sun side.

We’d love to speak with you about any ideas you have to enhance your space with similar elements.

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