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Man with Books Wall Sculpture

Man Reading Wall Sculpture


Our Man With Books Wall Sculpture was inspired by a sign our customer saw while traveling in Europe. Though this sculpture piece is quite different, the concept of mounting a sculpture on the street, above the front door, that embodies one’s passion resonated deeply and our customer knew he wanted to do this when the stones on the front of his home were being re-pointed.

Our artists created this piece from copper and brass, in extremely high detail, swell bodied style. These two metals will weather and patina with very nuanced differences over time. Very blue glass eyes were selected from our array of choices.

This delightful piece would also take well to optional gilding, creating bright contrast to the ferrous metals as they patina. It could also be personalized into a portrait of a particular person.

All of our weather vanes and sculptures are made to order, and we love discussing our customers dreams of creating a self expressive art piece for their home, as a gift, or for their business.

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