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Musician Weathervane – Saxophone Sculpture

Saxophone Player Weather Vane-Sculpture Piece


The Saxophone Player Weather Vane shown here was made for a Jazz recording studio in Berkeley, California. Rather than use the sculpture piece as a weathervane, it was designed to hang on the wall of the stairs leading up to the studio. The same customer also commissioned a Clarinet Player and a Trombone Player, also for display on the stairs. Any or all of these three designs could easily be modified to serve as weathervanes.

Because they were created for indoor use, rather than use any optional gold leaf, the customer opted for a metal combination of copper and brass. When newly completed, brass is very close in color to gold leaf but has the advantage of being easy to polish. If used out of doors, optional gold leaf could be substituted for the brass to maintain the contrast between the two metals.

Mounting the three Jazz musicians together brings a sense of energy and movement to the trio, even when displayed on a wall. As actual weathervanes, with the clarinetist tilting his instrument skywards, the sax player strutting his stuff and the trombonist leaning into his instrument, the interplay between the ensemble would be a sight to behold. Someday, I hope we get a chance to see all three displayed as actual weathervanes, in motion against the sky, perhaps even at night with upward shining spotlights catching the action.

In addition to the Clarinet Player Weather Vane, we also offer Fiddle on the Roof, Musical Note, and Flute Player Weather Vanes. If music is your passion, we specialize in custom, handcrafted copper weathervanes so please give us a call and we’ll see how we can go about transforming your vision into reality.

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