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Sun Face Wall Sculpture (Friendly or Fierce)

Friendly or Fierce Sun Face Wall Sculpture

Sun Face Fancy Rays - Friendly
Sun Face Simple Rays (Fierce)

Our Sun Face Wall Sculpture evolved from our popular Sun and Clouds Weathervane. Some customers wanted us to fabricate just the sun itself, to be hung on a wall in their house or on their patio. We have created versions of this design showing a gentle, beneficent sun face  and a fiery fierce face.

We typically make the Sun Face Sculpture Weather Vane in a metal combination of copper and brass to create subtle variations in the color of the metals as they go through the patina process. We can also add optional gold and/or palladium leaf to alternating rays of the sun and the face of the sun itself. When you order this sculpture piece, you also get to choose its eye color from our wide selection of translucent glass eyes. Popular choices are red, blue, emerald or topaz.

Our large series of Mythological weathervanes also features moon and star themes including a mighty Zeus Weathervane where he is hurling thunderbolts from the cloud tops, and over 50 other Mythological designs. Please visit our Mythological Category web pages to learn more about our other mythological weather vane options.

Please enjoy our Sun Weathervane Gallery

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Sun with Clouds
Sun, Moon, and Star
Sun Face
Wall Sculpture
Sun with Moon, Star, and
Comet Weathervane
Sun & Surf, with
Sailboat Weathevane
Lighthouse with
Sailboat, Sun, and Stars
Sunrise Weathervane with SurfFlamingo Weathervane

Please Enjoy Our Sculpture Gallery

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Sun Face Wall Sculpture
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