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Grape Weathervane Wall Sculpture Piece

Wall Sculpture Weather Vane


Our customers for this Wine Grape wall hanging are wine enthusiasts here in California. They came to us with a vision of what they wanted and where they wanted to display it. We actually worked from photos of their entry to make the proportions of the sculpture piece compatible with the display space.

The entire wall sculpture was done in copper although they had the option of going with brass leaves at no additional cost or adding optional gold leaf to either the grape clusters and/or leaves. The sculpture piece is slightly offset from the wall behind it so, when the light is right,  it casts beautiful shadows that increase its overall visual impact.

In addition, they chose ‘Lucky Pennies‘ to commemorate special years in their lives as well as the traditional penny from the year the sculpture piece was created.

Here’s a bit of what this customer had to say after mounting their commission:

We love our art work on the front of the house.  We are already getting comments from the neighbors.

We would love to hear your ideas for creating a sculpture piece to display on the side of your home or business or create a complete weather vane for you.

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