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Richie Rich Sculpture – Exclusive

Richie Rich Logo Sculpture Piece


This Richie Rich Sculpture was ordered by Warner Brothers Studios to be mounted on the gazebo in the set of the Richie Rich home for the 1994 movie. Alas, the scenes that included it ended up on the cutting room floor, but as the saying goes, it is in very good company. Just look at any Director’s Cut of a film to see how much good footage had been edited out for the first run.

Anyway, it was a fun project, quite challenging in detail. Our master artisans were up for the challenge, matching all of the bevels, and swirls, in fine soldered seams. The sculpture, itself, was fabricated from copper sheet in detailed swell-bodied style, then polished to the highest shine possible, to enhance the ‘wealthy’ gleam while filming.

Historically, before numbered addresses, weather vanes were often used to help locate a home or place of business. Before using letters, in times less literate, coats of arms, and symbols (such as an anvil for a blacksmith) were the subject of the weather vanes.

While Warner Brothers Studios has an exclusive on this exact design, we wanted you to see another example of the kind of visually effective sculpture pieces and weather vanes initials and logos can create.

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