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Military & Warfare Weathervanes

For many people who have served in the military, the courage, sacrifice and commitment required to undertake this kind of service formed a pivotal time in their lives. Our weathervanes celebrate these accomplishments. We have made birthday, retirement and commemorative weathervanes as tributes to these patriots. In addition, we have crafted weathervanes to celebrate remembrances of times past when Vikings prowled the seas, knights rode off to war, Native Americans defended their territories, a pitched Civil War battle changed the course of history and daring flying aces of World War One took to the skies for the first time. Click on the thumbnails below for inspiration and the stories behind these weathervane designs. We are in the process of adding all 800 existing weathervane designs to our site. Rest assured that if you don’t see an old favorite here yet, we still have it! Just give us a call 831.425.5505 for details.