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George Washington Weathervane

George Washington Portrait Weather Vane


This George Washington Weathervane was commissioned by a family who happen to live in the heart of the Capitol, which inspired their choice of design. Washington’s history with and love of the Potomac River district are well known.

They added a cupola to their two-car garage to properly display the United States’ first President for all to see and, importantly, in a location where they would see it regularly.

The copper sculpture piece is fabricated in highly detailed swell-bodied style. Gold and palladium leafing were requested additions to give the piece more visual interest and impact. These bright non-ferrous metal elements will highlight the deep detail of this sculpture piece for many decades as the copper darkens and eventually begins to patinate. GW has blue glass eyes, while the horse brown taxidermy glass eyes. The family name is inscribed on the horizontal tube at the horse’s hooves.

This was such a fun project, and our customers were great to work out the details with. Each of our amazing master artisans wanted this project on their workbench! The details, the complexities – all great challenges for these artists!

And a little side note on George Washington: Even before the Revolution, he became obsessed with the idea of opening the west to trade and navigation. His dream was to link his beloved Potomac River through a series of canals and roads to the mighty Ohio River. ┬áThe challenge was to skirt the several falls of the Potomac River, the most violent and unpassable being Great Falls about 10 miles above the port city of Georgetown, now in the District of Columbia. Eventually, under Washington’s leadership, the Potomac Company was chartered by both the legislatures of Virginia and Maryland, for the purpose of building a system of canals around the falls.