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Military Weathervane – Civil War Battle of Gettysburg

Civil War Soldier Weather Vane - Pickett's Charge


This copper Civil War Soldier in Battle Weathervane features the defining Battle of Gettysburg, High Water Mark, July 3, 1863. The design was commissioned by some Civil War buffs who will install it in their garden as a focal point from which, over time, they plan to create a more detailed reenactment through the addition of other weather vanes, such as a charging soldier on a rearing stallion. As the wind turns the different weather vanes in their backyard they will interact and play out the drama of the somewhat erroneously titled Pickett’s Charge. Major General George Pickett had been against this confrontation and is recorded as inconsolable at the human loss.

This complex vane is available only in large and extra large sizes. Our most experienced artisans work on pieces of such detail. The main figures in the piece are fabricated in the swell bodied style. The flags are silhouettes. This client also chose to have optional gold leafing applied to various elements of the sculpture piece, accenting the details of the moment, the opposing force’s livery, and the flags. As this historic vane weathers into the chocolate tones and eventually patinas into the greens, these bright golds will maintain contrast, accenting these details.