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Don Quixote Weathervane – with Windmill

Don Quixote Weather Vane Tilting at Windmill


Our Don Quixote Weathervane was originally commissioned as one of a pair to be mounted on two garages sitting adjacent in British Columbia. These customers love literature and chose our St GeorgeSt-George-and-the-Dragon-Weathervane-P and the Dragon Weathervane for the second, emphasizing two classic literary views of noble quests and the urge to act with chivalry. And, by ordering two at once they received our automatic 10% discount on both!

It is a swell bodied sculpture of copper with optional gold leafed highlights. It can also be constructed of copper and brass, which would create a bright contrast early on, with the differences become less distinctive as the weather vane weathers and patinas over time.

One customer who ordered this charming Don Quixote asked us to put ‘lucky pennies‘ from the birth years of family members in the windmill and the traditional ‘lucky penny’ from the year of creation in Don Quixote’s rearing steed. We are very proud of the work done by the master artisans here at West Coast Weathervanes and the work on this piece is a perfect example of why.