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Airplane Weathervane – Viking S3B Screwbird

Viking S3B Screwbird Weather Vane


This 3D replica Airplane Weathervane – Viking S3B Screwbird, was commissioned as a surprise birthday gift for a retired navy pilot who currently restores vintage cars as one of his avocations. What a great gift! We worked with the wife on getting the exact details correct for the plane he flew in the Navy. It was a fun project and he was thrilled with the gift.

All of our winged weathervane designs, be it plane, bird or butterfly, have a security device included to prevent the sculpture from literally taking flight in high winds! You can see it in the pictures. It is the little ‘eared’ device above the copper ball below the sculpture piece.

As this copper sculpture piece weathers and darkens, with its distinct markings of enamel, gold and palladium remaining bright, it will be very visually interesting as it is viewed from the ground.

Airplanes are a popular subject for weather vanes and we have numerous in our catalog, particularly vintage models. Do check our array to see if there is a design that suits your location.