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Helicopter Weathervane – MD 500E

McDonald Douglas Helicopter Weather Vane MD-500E


Our first MD-500E Helicopter Weather Vane was made as a birthday present for a husband who commuted to work via helicopter from an island off the coast of Maine. Included in the price of the weathervane is the gold leafed N number of his helicopter. We have since made variations on this design to go atop a helicopter hangar, a three story home in Colorado and various other structures around the United States.

The version shown here was crafted entirely of copper. However, depending on customer preference, we can also include brass, optional nickel silver, gold and/or palladium leaf to provide more variety in coloration.

West Coast Weather Vanes specializes in custom copper weathervanes. Customers who originally saw this weathervane design have gone on to order Sikorsky helicopters and Bell Jet Ranger helicopters. If you would like us to design and fabricate a custom helicopter weathervane for you, please give us a call. It is always a pleasure to discuss a new project.

We are often able to reduce the design fee for our mechanical weather vane commissions if detailed schematic drawings are available. Also helpful for personalizing are detailed photos of the actual aircraft, including insignia, detailing, interiors, etc. Often overlooked by customers are detailed photos of the underside of the aircraft; an important view when looking up at a weathervane! If actual scaled down models are available, we often find them helpful guides during the construction process.

The MD Helicopters MD 500 series is an American family of light utility civilian and military helicopters. The MD 500 was developed from the Hughes 500, a civilian version of the US Army’s OH-6A Cayuse/Loach. The series currently includes the MD 500E, MD 520N, and MD 530F. The 500 series design features shock-absorbing landing skid struts, a turboshaft engine mounted at a 45-degree angle toward the rear of the cabin pod, a fuel tank cell under the floor and the battery in the nose. The engine exhaust port is located at the end of the cabin pod underneath the tail boom. It has a short-diameter main rotor system and a short tail, giving it an agile control response and is less susceptible to weather-cocking.

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