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Helicopter Weathervane – Sikorski S92

Sikorski S92 Helicopter Weather Vane

with ocean waves

The couple who originally commissioned this Sikorski S92 Helicopter Weathervane own a Texas transport company on the Gulf of Mexico and fly only the S92. For such perilous work this is the best possible choice, with the FAA certification board calling the S-92 the “safest helicopter in the world.”

When they built their new home they knew they wanted a weather vane of this reliable craft in their surroundings, reminding them of all it has meant to them in their working lives. They chose to apply optional gold leaf to the copper sculpture piece to personalize the plane by representing the paint motif of their fleet and to include their company logo and the identification numbers. This gold will remain in bright contrast for many years as the copper weathers through the browns and then begins its transition to the greens of copper patina.

Our mechanical vanes are often fabricated by our most senior and experienced artisans because of the fine detail and scaling required to achieve a proper resemblance. And that is the case with this Sikorski S92. It is made in the swell bodied style, in near mirror image.

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