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Anchor Weathervane

Anchor Weather Vane


Our classic Anchor Weathervane was originally commissioned by a woman who wanted to both celebrate her husband’s birthday, and commemorate the recent passing of his father, the ‘anchor’ of the family. Here’s what she had to say when their weathervane arrived:

I LOVE IT!!!!  It came out sooooo beautiful.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for including me on the details.  He is going to be sooo happy and sooo surprised. Thanks again…I will let you know how it goes on July 14th, his actual birthday.

We chose the Admiralty Pattern, also known as ‘Fisherman’, as our template because it is the anchor shape most familiar to non-sailors. It consists of a central shank with a ring or shackle for attaching the rope. This basic design remained unchanged for centuries, with the most significant changes being to the overall proportions, and a move from stocks made of wood to iron stocks in the late 1830s and early 1840s.

The sculpture piece is fabricated from copper sheet in Swell Bodied Style. For the version pictured the customer requested optional gold leaf gilding on the rope. This gilding will remain a bright contrast for many years as the copper first weathers to the chocolate shades and eventually begins to take on a green patina.