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Sailboat Weathervane – Spanish Galleon

Spanish Galleon Weather Vane


This Spanish Galleon Weathervane is an interesting design for us. The customer who consigned the design wanted a galleon in motion on the ocean and slightly angled into the waves. Creating a design that is not either full face or full silhouette has challenges. Our solution of fabricating the sculpture piece as a mirror image, and in swell bodied style, solved the issues very well. Mirror image is how we refer to a vane that is identical from all viewpoints. It can be a very effective design decision.

For the weather vane pictured, the customer selected copper for the hull of the ship, brass for the sails and nickle silver for the rough seas. They also requested optional gold leaf on the flags, shields and sail emblem, and palladium detailing the tops of the white caps and the lines between the sails. As this piece weathers and patinates the contrast between the copper and brass will have lovely subtleties, and the gilding will add a nicely detailed bright contrast for many years.