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Cargo Ship Weathervane

Ship Weather Vane Cargo


Our Cargo Ship Weathervane was commissioned as a birthday gift for our customer’s father, to be mounted on a new home his parents were building. His father is Captain of a cargo ship, and he wanted to acknowledge his pleasure in the occupation. A fun touch was to engrave SS Blatte (the family surname) on the ship’s ID plate. He also chose ‘lucky pennies’ to be affixed to the ships deck from the birth years of his father, mother, each of their children and the grandchildren — instantly creating a family heirloom that will last many generations.

We constructed this scaled down model in copper using detailed swell bodied style. The upper decks and bridge have optional gold leaf applied to create the visual of the lighter painted areas most cargo ships present.

Weathervanes are a lovely gift that will be cherished for lifetimes. Please contact us for design ideas to acknowledge someone in your life.